Woodchips: 1,500 – 5,000kW


Woodchips: 1,500 – 5,000kW

A woodchip heating plant can be built in many ways, depending on customer and operating requirements. LIN-KA has two main build types, which depend on such elements as boiler size and condition of fuel to be used etc.

Plants can be constructed as described under “hot water – woodchips”, i.e. using a scraper unit as feeder system. Boiler type can also vary, depending on chip quality, especially its water content. If the chips are good quality and relatively dry, i.e. max. 35% water, LIN-KAs standard boiler can be used. If they are wetter than 35%, a Multimizer solution will be required, which evaporates large volumes of water during combustion.

A crane can be installed to handle woodchips for very large plants. A traverse crane is used in the chip store with a grab which can transfer chips into a feeder funnel in front of the boiler. A hydraulic ram is mounted on the funnel to push the chips into the boiler (can be adapted for both boiler types).

LIN-KA can either supply the machine only, or manage a complete turn-key project.