Wood pellets: 200 – 5,000kW


Wood pellets: 200 – 5,000kW

A steam plant which is basically a variation of a wood pellet plant for hot water. The boiler design is different in that steam is produced and an optional economiser is available for cooling flue gas, boiler fittings and pump unit.

The range is available as hot water boilers in standard sizes. When converting effect output to steam output, multiply the boiler effect in kW by a factor of 1.56 to arrive at the boiler’s steam output in kg/h. E.g. an 800kW boiler can produce 1,250 kg steam per hour.

The range can also be supplied for varying operating pressures; where the standard hot water boilers are designed for 4 bar (also available at 6 bar), steam boilers can be supplied for 8 – 16 bar pressure.

Apart from the boiler structure, there is no difference in the other elements with regard to silo worm drive, automatic ash extraction, automatic flue cleaning, electronic control and monitoring. The control system can of course be adapted to control other steam equipment from the LIN-KA panel.