Wood Pellet Boilers

A Wood- Pellet fired System

The size of the system is typically somewhere between 400 kW and 1500 kW. Wood pellet firing is a very convenient and efficient method of producing heat. The system is established with either an external glass fibre silo or container, or an internal silo. It is notable that wood pellet firing means a saving of about 60-65% compared with heating with oil or gas.

System Details

The firing system is supplied with wood pellets by means of an inclined transportation worm from the other container, where wood pellets are stored. The fuel container is made so that it is possible to blow the pellets into the container, or fill it with a conveyor from an ordinary truck.

What we have shown below is only an example of a solution where a stoke room is not at hand.


The system usually consists of an external glass fibre silo or an internal silo room which contains approximately 30 m³ wood pellets and a boiler system with automatic ash removal.
The pellets are delivered by an inclined transportation worm to a lock system, and is lead on by a stoke worm to a water-cooled hearth, mounted in a LIN-KA H-boiler, where an efficient combustion takes place.
In the water-cooled combustion hearth the pellets are converted into heat by temperatures of 1200-1400ºC. The heat is directly transferred to the circulating boiler water. The effective blend of fuel and combustion air in the hearth ensures a complete incineration of fuel which leads to an efficiency of more than 95%.
Automatic removal of ashes reduces the daily work on the system to an absolute minimum.
The system is fully automatically controlled by a PLC-control unit, which at the same time monitors that the system is constantly performing its best.