Straw Boilers

Fuel Storage

The system is supplied with fuel by means of an automatically controlled crane or conveyor,
which can be delivered in one or to storeys.

The Advantages of the Big-Bale System

  • Maximum utilization of the fuel. strawhoist200359
  • No bale cutting required.
  • Maximum fire security.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • High reliability.
  • Automatic ash removal.
  • Water-cooled firebox and boiler foundation for optimum water circulation.
  • Entirely maintenance-free fireproof materials.
  • No down time for straw impurities.
  • Separate main and afterburning chambers
  • Automatic oxygen-controlled primary and secondary air intakes.

Boiler Room

The pre-combustion chamber and boiler are constructed as one unit. Flame and gas are drawn into the boilers main combustion chamber before passing through primary and secondary convectors. In plants dependent upon optimized fuel utilization, an economizer with integrated by-pass regulator is built into the boiler. The boiler and firebox are equipped for automatic ash removal through a port beneath the boiler. A mechanical conveyor transports wet or dry ash to a container.