Other fuel types/plant sizes

Other fuel types/plant sizes

Apart from the standard fuels indicated by plant designation, other types of fuel can of course be used. In the event of more exotic fuels, LIN-KA can perform a non-binding fuel test in our test boiler, and in certain instances such a test will be mandatory.

The straw plant can also be used for rape stalks, seed grass and other stalk fuels. We have also conducted trials with rise stalks, miscantus, hay and others.

Woodchip plants can burn other fuels such as wood- or straw briquettes, corn cobs or other fuel types which can be bigger than wood pellets for example.

LIN-KA has performed trials on the wood pellet plant with fuels such as olive stones, coconut shells, cherry stones and straw pellets. The results indicate that only the fuel’s dimensions and moisture content determines whether it can be used.

The trials performed on LIN-KA´s 400kW test boiler have been compiled into a table indicating how easy the fuel is to handle with standard equipment, its calorific value, ash production and emission values etc.

Apart from the stated plant sizes as shown below, there are a number of other plant sizes which are non-standard.

  • Straw: 60-1,500kW
  • Woodchips: 60-1,500kW
  • Wood pellets: 60 – 5,000kW

When other plant sizes are involved, they are special sizes or heat generation plants. In such instances, close dialogue will be required on the fuel, purpose of the plant etc, so that we can advise you as accurately as possible on the type of plant required.