Pellet Straw

A Straw or wood-fired System

The design of the Linka H range makes it the optimum solution for small straw or wood-fired systems, ideal for large farms and small heating plants.straw_boiler_small2

The boiler is a conventional 3-pass boiler with horizontal boiler flues and a large firebox, which makes the boiler ideal for solid fuels since it allows for optimum burning of the material.
The large convection part with its smooth flues ensures effective cooling of the flue gases, thereby achieving an efficiency of up to 95%.

The large water capacity of the boiler ensures good heat accumulation, which combined with the large heating surface optimises operation and reduces the number of starts.
The large doors at the front of the boiler facilitate cleaning of the firebox and the boiler flues since there is ample room for using the right cleaning tools.

If energy policies should change the Linka boiler can be fitted with an oil or a gas burner, whilst retaining the same high efficiency.