Straw Burner System
Versatile Installation
Compact & Efficient

Welcome To Manco Energy

buildning-miniManco Energy Ltd is a Green Energy Supply & Management company. Formed to meet the growing demands in the market place for environmentally friendly energy supplying both fuel and highly efficient boilers to convert the fuel to heat.
It is Manco’s aim to secure fuels from sources where the environment benefit’s alongside our customers, both large and small.

Benefits of Bio-fuels

  • The cost – bio-fuels are exempt from the climate change levy.
  • The wide range of grants available.
  • The cleanliness of the system – bio-fuels do not produce fumes, soot and associated problems, they burn down to bio-degradable ash and there are no associated toxicities.
  • The easy maintenance, fuel storage, and supply.
  • The fuel, but particularly Power Pellets, is easy to handle, clean, free-flowing, no contamination from spillage, clean residues.
  • The energy efficiency.


Specialists in renewable energy, fuels and burners